The Sometimes Violent Aftermath of Childhood Sexual Abuse: Crimes Committed By Victims


Those who are willing to ponder the consequences of sex abuse crimes committed by adults against children should have been with me during a recent prison visit in Montana. I was there to interview a potential client. I’ve spent a career in the company of both victims and those accused of crimes. I ask the reader to contemplate just briefly what it can be like meeting with a man convicted of two murders.  For privacy reasons, I’ll call him “Robert,” not his real name.

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The ‘Double Moral Failure’ of the Boy Scouts of America

As far as the crimes themselves go, there’s virtually no difference between sexual abuse committed against children by members of one institution versus similar acts committed by leaders of another. Officials who have been privy to such behavior are equally guilty.

There is, however, a significant moral difference among such officials when it comes to a willingness to offer prompt outreach to victims who have come forward or have otherwise been identified. Continue reading

Pedophile Rings Hiding in Plain Sight

It’s been scarcely a month since the findings about Penn State’s transgressions pertaining to convicted pedophile Jerry Sandusky were revealed in their harrowing detail. That the former assistant coach of the Nittany Lions football program was convicted on 45 of 48 counts and likely will never have a life outside of prison may have mollified the majority of observers sickened by the ordeal and, perhaps, ready to move on.

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